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2014 10 04 me in woods

Howdy.  I’m a 53-year old Harvard-Duke-BC-educated writer-thinker- inventor living in Boston.  That’s me looking slightly crazed after doing a solo overnight hike in the White Mountains.  Selfies are hard to do.

I’ve written a novel that is nearing publication.  The premise is that the mind of Jesus is “coded” in his words in the Bible, and that his mind spreads to readers.  In this sense he is eternal, through the medium of language.  I am not saying I believe this myself… the truth is a little more complicated, but, that’s why it’s fiction…

I also have very well-defined views on philosophy.  In particular, I’m a longtime disciple of Wittgenstein.  My interpretation of his book Philosophical Investigations is rather intense and unusual.  I don’t think many people really get it, and when they do, it shows (e.g. Kripke).  Probable topic for my next book.

I’m also interested in quantum entanglement.  I’ve studied this topic for a few years and in particular it’s relationship to Special Relativity.  I think our conception of physical space really causes us problems.  I don’t think physical space “exists” as part of reality… it’s more an appearance.  The way the horizon is an visual artifact of living on a ball, and not a piece of the earth.  See my individual posts for more on this.

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